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atlantic city, new jersey, casinos are boarded up and closed, part of the boardwalk has wash wad way. >> tourists and locals are preparing for flooding and power outages. in new york city waves are splashing over the sea walls. here's t.j. winick live. >> reporter: good afternoon whether here on the southern tip of new jersey or 150 miles north up in new york city, we are expect to see water rise from 6 to 11 feet. it could have a devastating impact on the east coast. forcasters predict this could be the worst storm in two generations. hurricane sandy is strengthening and heading north. with 50 million in its path. the eye is expect to make landfall late monday night in atlantic city, new jersey but pack communites hundreds of miles away. >>> -- >> -- >> this is going to be a big storm, a difficult storm the great thing about america is we all pull together. >> reporter: the real fear is sandy's storm surge, fueled by high winds and a full moon. >> we are talking the ocean coming in causing massive flooding. >> reporter: already a spectacle early monday in cape may, the ang
they are concerned citizens who live in the city and believe more needs to be done about the tactics used by oakland police when dealing with confrontation. video from last year, this time the steps of city hall turned into eye tent city police took action to clear it after city officials believed it to be unsafe and unsanitary. demonstrators post add agenda for today which include a meeting at city hall this afternoon marching through the streets and reestablishing the encampment at frank ogawa plaza. asking supporters to bring tents, warm clothes and friends. last year dozens of police and hundreds of protesters clashed violently. the law enforcement used tear gas and other crowd control methods. the number of protesters diminished with each round of gas. this morning, we found banks and businesses anticipating demonstrations tonight started the boarding up process. not knowing what to expect. again, the group that spoke today said, hey, we don't support that however, we support each group's opportunity to speak and be heard. finally, some of those posting on social media sites talking today's dem
died in the northeast. in new york city the entrance to brooklyn battery park tunnel is flooded closed until further notice lower manhattan flooding fema sent national underwater team to drain the downtown area. more than seven million are without power. here's brandi hitt. >> reporter: good afternoon. new york is slowly starting to come back to life. superstorm sandy is living up to all warnings. at least 35 people have been killed. more than eight mill are without power. djg -- million are without power. sandy is leaving death, darkness and flooding as it moves inland. >> oh my gosh. no walls. >> reporter: the storm lost hurricane status monday as it made landfall on the new jersey shore 80 mile per hour winds. sandy had enough strength to flood lower manhattan with 13 foot storm surge and pushed this 700 ton tanker on to a staten island street. new york city subways under several feet of water. >> we've got all our resources to get everything open i am >> reporter: the damage is extensive in new york. a crane collapsed and still dangling 80 stories above streets. >> get on the sidew
between the two cities deputies responded. investigators say the shooting happened around 5:25 last night. longtime residents say the shooting doesn't surprise them too much, they've heard shots before, just further down the road. >> we've had shots, nothing this close. first time this close. it is unnerving, very. >> it start happening more and more it seems like more and more people are moving here from the city as the population grows things happen. >> reporter: investigators state victims are from san francisco, a man and woman in their 20s were killed. they haven't released their names. investigators are having a tough time they don't have much information they don't know whether the pair was walking or taken by car. they have interviewed people and have a few descriptions of a car leaving the area but they are all different. they haven't made any arrests and don't have suspects. >> i'm alarmed. i don't know what -- i feel safe most of the time. [ laughing ] >> i just didn't know about that. i don't know. i haven't digested it yet. >> reporter: with multiple descriptions of the car a
in all its glory. what it looked like in redwood city this morning some of the heaviest downpours on the peninsula causing a wet commute. >> live look from heavenly resort this is in lake tahoe there's still snow coming down there the skies are dark, going to be storming for a little while. open day for ski season normally november, however, boreal ski resort is going to try to open this friday morning squall valley will try to hold a special event -- squaw valley will try to hold a special event this thursday. >> meteorologist mike nicco tracking conditions now. >>> good morning. here's a look at live doppler there's the sweep with the latest information coming across napa that storm slowly heading easement around pueblo avenue back towards dry -- creek road this is the border there, all this will head towards wooden valley road vacaville and fairfield the next 30 minutes. return across the san mateo bridge towards larkspur this will head east over the next hour richmond, el cerrito, san pablo possibly through the east bay hills, walnut creek, pleasant hill and concord. just scat
never been a more appropriate day to sell bait the giants. the city is decked out in orange and black, -- not for the holiday in honor of the 12 world series champions. >> there you see pablo sandoval, mvp of the series in his own convertible. each player will be in a convertible like this. terry mcsweeney is on the ground we'll be hearing from him shortly. >> it is a fabulous day. there are 100 vehicles lining the route this is market and concern any where thousand -- and kearny where thousands are gathered. >> great viewing there if you can get one of those windows in a highrise above market. >> perfect spot. look at them decked out in orange and black here to celebrate and honor the giants, two world series wins in three seasons. good morning i'm dan ashley with carolyn johnson and larry beale. we are so excited to be here with you. >> we have a lot of crews on the ground along the from the waterfront in san francisco to civic center plaza, a dozen abc7 news reporters are out there alongside our live cameras we have sky 7 hd above as well. we'll be big you the entire parade and cel
this morning around oakland city hall after 250 protesters went on a vandalism spree last night. they broke windows and damaged cars around 6 p.m.. the targets included city hall, police recruiting station, several banks and other businesses, plus cars parked along the street. there are no reports of any arrests. >>> vigil will be held tonight for a hercules woman found stabbed in her home. 55-year-old susie ko was found friday night the murder weapon has not been found. the family is holding a memorial for the retired schoolteacher tonight at 8:30 on ash court in hercules. the family is trying to find her killer through social media. they are asking you to keep an eye open for her light blue 2011 subaru outback. >>> cities are experiencing long delays this morning a computer connection problem is preventing alaska from checking in passengers other airports in portland, spokane and los angeles in seattle where alaska is the dominant carrier passengers are being checked in manually. we checked the bay area's airports an hour ago, none are reporting problems. >>> right now, san jose-based gro
'm kristen sze. we could be in for record heat today. >>> in the city of oakland expecting red flag warmings in some areas. >>> good morning. we have a red flag warning that goes into effect 6:00 tonight through 8:00 tomorrow morning from the national weather service. they've extended it, it started out with sacramento valley, carquinez strait now expanded north and east bay hills, sonoma, napa, diablo range we could see winds gusting up to 30 mights an hour and humidity dropping below 20%. average highs for this time of year 60s and 70s. we are looking at today the oakland airport 84, a record forecasting a high of lower 80s. 10 to 12° above average even in the north bay with downsloping winds, maybe santa rosa could see a record as well. >>> in weather conditions similar to these crews are fighting a wildfire in the hills above santa barbara. here's a live look of the smoke and flames. smoke rising as crews try to gain control of the fire line. it started around 8 a.m. has burned 15 acres so far. homes are threatened. evacuations are taking place. six air tankers have been called to help
and city councilmembers pitched in to offer reward the dog has a microchip. >>> just ahead, major milestone for facebook. the status update mark you canner -- mark zuckerberg made this morning. >>> rare and beautiful sight, a's fans line up t >>> facebook now has more than a billion users. mark zuckerberg made that status update this morning. he acknowledges the company is going through a bit of a rough patch. today the stock is trading about $22 per share down from $38 when it debuted. >>> today at 3:00 on katie top woman at facebook sits down for a one-on-one. chief operator officer sheryl sandberg opens up to katie today at 3:00 followed by abc7 news at 4:00. >>> bay area and baseball world still buzzing over the remarkable aren't by the a's. fans got in line early to buy tickets to see the a's play the tiger in the american league division series next week in oakland. the a's beat the rangers yesterday to win the al west championship, capping improbable regular season most experts predicted the a's to finish last. >> the a's best of pfizer reese against the tigers begins saturday in det
in cupertino the city's blue flag at the community center is flying at half-staff today the mayor says it is a great way to acknowledge jobs' profound local impact. >>> union square's newest clothing store is open for business this morning. a japanese store offering apparel in a rainbow of colors it opened before 10:00 on powell street a block south of union square. the new store will have the so-called magic mirror it lows customers try on one jacket and electronically the color to see how it looks in another color. >> fascinating. >>> increasing clouds in the north bay. sunny out there in parts of the bay, as you look towards our high-definition emeryville camera you can see filtered sun. how that will impact the forecast today and the weekend. >>> san francisco's busiest weekend is officially underway. the music is playing in golden gate park, it is great and it is free. i'm amy hollyfield i'll >>> the busiest weekend of the year is in store for san francisco a million are expected to visit. amy hollyfield joins us live from golden gate park. >> reporter: this is poor man's whiskey
. it was his 12th visit to the city another brief but lucrative trip. >> money is going to the swing states and california has become the banking state. if you look at where the most money has come, not only for obama but for romney, california is number one. >> reporter: it began last night with a roundtable for 25 wealthy donors. each patron paid $40,000. then the president met with 100 people who paid $20,000 each to have dinner with him in the bill graham civic auditorium. outside the venue, 100 people staged protests against various policies, from the use of drones in pakistan, to the federal crackdown on marijuana. >> the president: i love you back, thank you everybody! >> reporter: the president ended the day at a concert for 6,000 supporters at the auditorium tickets started at $200 per person. he alluded to his debate last week. >> the president: i had a bunch of of folks come to me, don't be so polite, don't be so nice. [ cheering ] president -- >> the president: but i want everybody to understand something, what was being presented wasn't leadership, that's salesmanship. [ cheeri
the rotunda of city hall. elaborate set-up. here the city holding a memorial for chris stevens, a diplomat from piedmont who attended uc berkeley. some 700, including state department colleagues, friends and family are expected. mayor lee will address the crowd. >> it is very appropriate we celebrate his life what he tried to do as an ambassador and -- in one of the hardest regions today. >> reporter: the attack that killed stevens and three other americans has become a political hot button issue finger pointing has intensified since the state department acknowledged the attack was a coordinated assault. hillary clinton is saying the buck tops with her. >> i take responsibility, i'm in charge of the state department, 60,000 plus all over the world, 275 posts. the president and the vice president wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. >> reporter: the memorial service will be followed by a reception, public is invited encouraged to attend. if you are driving the closest parking garage is the civic center lot if you are taking bart get off
into thursday. low to mid 90s south bay today possibly 97 los gatos mid 80s millbrae 84, redwood city 93. half moon bay near 80° with mid 80s downtown san francisco, low to mid 90s north bay valleys your beaches in the north bay mid to upper 70s today, mid 80s to near 90° along the east bay shore dangerous heat east bay valleys. not too far to go if you want to spend money to stay cool. near 100 morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. near record temperatures tahoe 81, 100 central valley to l.a., 86 san diego, 87 big sur warm at the coliseum tonight, 73° clear sky will cool to 64. lack of clouds temperatures in the 50s and 60s. cooling trend starting tomorrow most prevalent at the coast temperatures back in the 60s, back in the 70s wednesday around the bay back in the 80s where we should be by thursday inland hold steady friday this weekend could be a few degrees cooler than average with more clouds during the morning that will help slow the growth those two days. -- 49,000 viewers have now liked us on facebook because that you are all eligible to enter our sweep stakes to win $49,000. go to fac
bluegrass festival, -- city officials are urging people to please take public transportation bike or walk we have a map for you at where you can click on each event to see how to avoid traffic hot spots. we want to see how you are spending the week e-mail your pictures and video us to. -- to us. >>> san francisco police are crediting cell phone tracking software with leading them to two robbery suspects. police say they worked together on september 27th, on duncan street at diamond heights boulevard. officers state pair robbed a victim at gunpoint and got his cell phone, wallet and backpack. officers used the phone's mobile tracking app and the department's technology to locate the minivan used in the robbery and recover the stolen items. >>> a berkeley building inspector will decide whether it is safe for fire investigators to enter a home that burned for several hours this morning be -- that left a family of five displaced. these pictures show tower flames police officers had to deal with when they raced inside to rescue a disabled woman. >> the heat and smoke were just above
made changes as a result of the tragedy. >>> san bruno city council will vote on a measure tonight that calls for forcing out the head of the public utilities commission eight people died september 2010, their families accuse the puc chairman of making backroom deals with pg&e and not working to protect the public. >>> police plan to release more details on the case of missing teenaged girl from petaluma found safe in the central valley. 15-year-old ruby mendoza, was last seen getting in a car with her godfather a 29-year-old and another man last wednesday yesterday afternoon police in fresno received a tip she was in a home south of fresno. police went to the house identified ruby and arrested the man. >>> giants fever is gripping the bay coming off of last night's epic series win fans are gearing up for tomorrow's start of the world series right here at home. amy hollyfield is live at at&t park. >> reporter: good morning. the dug out store opened two hours early this morning it is crowded in there even more crowded than the assistant manager expected. fans are using this break in
cruz. yesterday for about a handful of bay area cities, the warmest day this year. the rest of us back on june 16th. today is going to be close. live doppler 7 hd, if you like the cool weather, you would like to see clouds on this, but it is not happening. there's no radar returns. here are the clouds, well off the coast, they will come back tomorrow, when the cooling trend will begin. heatwaves tend to come in three-day spurts this is the third day. if you don't like the hot weather, don't look at this graphic n is showing you how much warmer it is now compared to 24 hours ago. pretty darn hot then. temperatures 77 in san rafael, 72 half moon bay, 79 mountain view everybody else in the 80s, to 90s, 89 monterey record high there 76 santa cruz the cool spot around the bay and inland sunny and hot today, clear but thankfully, mild tonight. sharp cooling trend starts overnight at the coast and pushes through the rest of our neighborhoods through the rest of the week. low pressure will bring that cool front blocked by huge area of high pressure, starting to move east a little bit that's wh
of those transitional meetings. back out here live this is civic center plaza across the treat from city hall they are putting up massive skateboard ramp for an exhibition a couple weeks from now. all the twists and turns they do on these ramps don't compare to the twists and turns in this sheriff mirkarimi story. more on that from vic lee tonight at 4, 5 and 6:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> u.s. supreme court just finished hearing arguments over university of texas program that uses race as a factor in student admissions. hundreds gathered outside the court this morning as justices took up the biggest affirmative action case in a decade. a student sued after her college application was rejected. she says she was turned away because she is white. the university says, its policy is aimed at creating a diverse student pop . >>> he couldn't believe it, stanford -- professor stunned winning this year's nobel prize in chemistry, brian kabilka on the left shares the honor with robert lefkowitz. >> reporter: a press conference is not the doctor's cup of tea he's shy he says he's not comfor
, breezy here, 68 concord, sunshine in the next hour or two. 62 in the city with upper 50s at our coast. salinas 62, plenty of cloud cover, maybe a shower from gilroy to hollister. cloud cover today, decreasing throughout the north bay, looking at still a slight chance of showers. this one will be mainly in the north bay, then we clear out, i'm going to take that rain out saturday, mild to warm to even hot through next week. not too late to win $49,000 from abc7. these people want the chance: that i all ended through our facebook page the winner will be announced after the 49ers game here on abc7, october 18th. you can enter too go to then click the win $49,000 button that will take to you the online form where you can enter your details that. is just around the corner. our little mini heatwave is around the corner too but still maybe a little damp out there >>> there's no place like home for "good morning america" anchor robin roberts who resting in her own bed this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ amen >> robin doing her celebration dance as she left the hospital yesterd
in an industrial area in north san jose police are still searching for the gunman this is the city's 37th homicide of the year >> traffic flowing smoothly again on the bay bridge after an accident during the morning commute that caused massi back-upcoming into san francisco. -- massive back-up coming into san francisco, two vehicles collided, two lanes blocked for a while tow truck had to upright a vehicle that overturned one person was taken to the hospital with chest baines. >>> in vallejo accused bomb maker expected to be charge after authorities found explosives in his home. that was one of a couple of powerful barths that rocked the neighborhood. bomb squad used robots to search the home on georgia street and detonated all the materials found inside police say a tip led them to the home. they are not releasing the suspect's identity. >>> teenager charged with trying to kill a mill valley couple and stealing a celebrity chef's lamborghini could face more charges. the d.a. wants to charge 18-year-old max wade for trying pull a gun on the decks who went to arrest him. he stole chef guy fieri's l
digits redwood city, san jose, concord, san francisco 11 to 14° warmer. look for asterisk, mid to upper 80s los gatos possibly 90 mountain view 85 would be a record, 80 at half moon bay upper 70s most of the coast, 84 downtown san francisco with 80 in south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 80s north bay valleys santa rosa and napa's 86 possible records oakland 85, hayward 83 inland everybody is going to be around 90° in the east bay valleys that would be a record for concord and livermore's 91 would be a record. upper 80s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. game forecast, a lot of sunshine changing to a clear star filled sky, 75 to 66° no need to worry about bundling up, no need to worry about rain. temperatures comfortable overnight, 50s. as we head overnight marine layer reestablished, sea breeze reestablishing as we head towards tomorrow's commute clouds coming into the bay and taking over there could be flight arrival delays into sfo cooler home. -- cooler tomorrow. 8 to 10° cooler tomorrow by the time we get to sunday we'll have lost 15 to 20°. cooler monday through wed
and most importantly with the help of citizens they can make oakland a city where you come here to commit the crime they will catch you. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news". >> cheryl: there is major break this morning in a cast treo valley house fire in which a woman's body was found. they arrested two teenagers with the death of bar rah-rah woman last thursday. they say 18-year-old and 16-year-old set her body and house on fire to cover up the crime. one is a distant relative of the victim's family. sheriff's deputies say he was arrested when he flew to tennessee after committing the crime. sheriff's department were intent to burglarizing her home. 16-year-old has been charged as an adult in that crime. >>> now we have learned there is a bay area connection to a horrifying crime in new york in which a nanny is accused of killing two young children. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom. family use to live and work here. >> reporter: the family used to live in san francisco noe valley they bought their home last year and now they live in manhattan the scene of a horrible tragedy. on 75th s
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21